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"Kings of the Road" Sets Up Hobo Jungle at the Castle!!

The weekend of July 28th & 29th, 2015 saw a 2-night stand in the Castle Theater as Kevin Patrick and Greg Gerard brought "Kings of the Road: An American Journey" to the stage. The show consisted of a Hobo Jungle set design combined with video and audio effects that supported "Happy Freeloader" (Greg Gerard) and the "Cinncinati Drifter" (Kevin Patrick) as they joked, played, sang and related lavish stories of traveling the open road. Meanwhile, guests were treated to another delectable array of cuisine prepared by Chef Freddie and Chef Jody. The dinner was themed for the show and included Mulligan Stew, Boxcar Dumplings, Dustbowl Sundaes and Cannonball Coffee. Highlights of the show included Patrick's virtuosic acoustic guitar picking and Gerard's soaring vocals and hobo wit. Audiences rewarded the effort with standing ovations!! Not bad or a couple of scruffy and weary wanderers!!

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