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The girls ROCKED IT!! Thank you to Miss Andrea’s Dance Factory!! And thanks, as well, to Miss Beloit 2008, Miss Madison 2011 and The Youth Unite founder, our own Britt Witt, for a wonderful Girls Rock!/Youth Unite summer camp!!

All the girls left enriched and empowered. The finale show was “heart pounding”, fabulous, and revealed a great deal of talent.

Collaboration and compromise were key elements of the show’s development. The girls experienced creative writing, artistic design (an awesome backdrop for the finale was created) choreography/dance techniques, microphone technique, stage performance principles, and drum performance.

“The Castle Culinary Arts” portion of the camp was a real hit! As one of the girls commented: “The Castle has the best snacks ever!!” The campers made their own caramel corn from scratch (magic poof-oo-dust is a secret ingredient), fruit parfaits in vintage stemware, guacamole, cupcakes and more! The agenda also included an “Etiquette Tea Party” on the last day of camp.

The emotional growth of the group was exceptional! All the girls shared personal “bullying” stories while supporting and encouraging each other. Miss Andrea and Miss Brittnay offered emotional coping tools, shared their own stories and led by example in terms of “The Golden Rule.”

When the last day of camp arrived, no one in the group wanted it to end! It’s very gratifying to see these young people grow in confidence with each passing day of camp!

The mission of The Youth Unite is to enhance youthful lives through music, art and bully prevention.


Well-done Team Castle!! The girls now have summer camp memories they can cherish forever!!

Jody Wittnebel

President of The Youth Unite and owner of the Castle at 501 Prospect

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