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The Castle faithful erupted with 60s style teenage screams as the image of Ed Sullivan appeared on the video screen. No…they were not screaming for Ed. They were reliving that magic moment when Ed brought the Beatles into our homes, changing popular music forever.

Beatlemania, the third in a series of summer dinner shows at The Castle @ 501 Prospect in Beloit, WI, was everything it was promised to be…and more! Variety, nostalgia, comedy, remarkable talent and a totally unique menu combined to make Beatlemania the best of the summer programs to date.

The evening was hosted by, none other than, Sgt. Pepper himself! A thick and charming British accent, a quick wit and a warm connection with the audience made the Sgt. a perfect MC for the event.

The show featured music by the Skiffles, a Beatlesque ensemble that set the tone for the evening, performing seminal hits like “Love Me Do,” “Hard Day’s Night” and a very hypnotic version of “Come Together” that included psychedelic images projected in the background.

It was a cavalcade of great performances all night, enhanced by a clever and hilarious musical argument between John and Yoko, an appearance by an actual Yellow Submarine and the musical debut of the King of the Castle, John “Lennon” Wittnebel performing “Norwegian Wood.”

And when there was a lull in the action, DJ Dan Wright was spinning vintage Beatles 45s and LPs, part of a huge collection of memorabilia he brought to decorate the scene. It made for a night of seamless sights and sounds.

And the menu did NOT disappoint! Chef Jody did it again with a delightful themed offering of Octopus’ Garden Salad, No Walrus Gumbo, succulent Yellow Submarine sandwiches, topped off with a generous serving of Strawberry Fields Forever ice cream for dessert!

The evening closed out with a moving rendition of “Hey Jude” with the entire cast, staff and management joining in the singalong. Raised lighters could be seen dotting the audience area, and raised voices could be heard throughout the theater as everyone sang the classic out-chorus over and over.

It was a fitting tribute to the legendary Liverpudlians! The only question on minds of guests as they reluctantly departed was…what in the world are these people going to do to top THIS??

You can find out on August 30th, when The Castle @501 Prospect presents the final show of the summer series, “The Not So Very Late Show” starring Greg Gerard!! Stay tuned for details and reserve your tickets soon!!

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