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Hourglass Media is a photography and videography studio in the Beloit/Stateline area offering first rate production values at affordable prices. Jody Wittnebel has been producing professional videography and photography since 1985. She has a background in commercial production and she truly cares for the people she works for. Jody is passionate about the quality of the finished product, and your complete satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every Hourglass Media project. For a consultation please contact Jody at 608-346-3114.



"Loved their service!"


My husband and I just got married in Briggs Mansion. I usually do not write reviews, but Jody is worth it! She was the best photographer I could have imagined. She knew exactly where to be and when to be there. She never missed an opportunity for the perfect shot. My wedding day has come and gone, but hte pictures that Jody took will let me relive it! I am more than happy with Hourglass Media and I will reccomend them to all my newly engaged friends.

-Melinda Schumacher

"Nick and I were really impressed. At the wedding and the reception, she was at all the right places at the right times."

    -Robin Anderson

"I'm so glad that I had Jody to do my wedding's my favorite thing to watch."

   -Laura Moore

"Jody has a knack for picking up all of the little things that brides appreciate seeing."

  -Bob Brown, Photographer

"We watched...through tears and laughter, we were overwhelmed by your attention to detail and by the creativity shown throughout. We both agree that the video was the best investment made to date."

  -Kathy and Jim Cassidy

"Jody shoots the best one-camera videos that I have seen."

  -Terri Peterson, Video Editor


Call Jody at 608-346-3114 for a consultation.

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